What is online backup?

An online backup service allows you to securely make remote backups of critical data stored on PCs, servers and laptop computers. The data is transported via a high-speed broadband connection such as ADSL, Cable or Fios.

The online backup software performs regular and automatic backups of your files to avoid the loss of important information in the course of theft or loss of your computer, virus attacks, hard disk failures and other calamities.

Online Backup Diagram

For home and small business computer users, online backup services may be too expensive if the intent is to totally back up a hard drive on a frequent basis. This problem can be overcome by backing up only the most critical or often-changed files online, and using physical offsite backup methods for less important or infrequently changed files. For medium-sized and large enterprises or for particularly valuable data, the cost of online backup can prove to be a wise investment.

In a database, an online backup, more often called a hot backup or dynamic backup, is a backup performed on data even though it is actively accessible to users and may currently be in a state of being updated. Online backups can provide a perfect solution in multi-user systems because they do not require any downtime, as does a normal offline backup.

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