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An Overview of Bullguard’s Online Backup Service

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Bullguard’s backup software is fully complimentary to their internet security 9.0 package, and lets you save key data from your computer such as documents, photos, music etc. onto either storage devices such as CDs, USB memory sticks, or onto an online storage space.

The idea behind this service, is to make sure that if the worst happens and your computer is physically damaged, stolen, or if it crashes and the data on it is unrecoverable for some reason, you won’t lose all your precious files because you’ll have backed them up to a location outside of your computer. The system costs £30 to buy, but Bullguard offer everyone a free 14 day trial. (more…)

One in five SMEs lose data

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

Many small companies are vulnerable to data loss through theft and virus infections. Yet most companies believe that their security is well secured.

File loss leads to despair!

This according to research among 400 representatives of SME companies in the Digi-conscious Program, a collaboration of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and industry. (more…)