My goals for the File in a Box website

Files in a Box

Last year I registered because I wanted to try out the services of the web hosting provider To make the hosting package accessible I needed a domain name to go with it. I chose the domain name because I wanted to do something related to backup with my new hosting package and while most of my websites are in my native language, Dutch, this time I decided to make a website in English to reach a bigger potential audience.

Last month I received a new yearly hosting invoice and although it was not very expensive, I thought it was a waste not to do anything with Especially considering that from the Webalizer stats it appears that quite a lot of visitors come to see whether they can buy my domain name!

I have therefore decided to start creating content for this website. I have installed WordPress and started creating content relating to file backup.

This website serves the following purposes:

  • Earn money from backup-related affiliate programs (I will probably not put any adSense banners up because I don’t like the way they look and it gives visitors the -correct- impression that this website is only for making money).
  • Create a well-ranked website that can serve as a platform to launch other websites from, and possibly attract potential buyers for the domain and website.
  • Possibly launch my own backup related service from this domain. After all it is a great name for an online file storage service or something similar.

To get things going I have defined three tasks; setting up the technical side on my hosting package, writing good backup related content and start promoting the website to increase traffic and domain rankings.

I have installed WordPress, while this is actually a system built for blogs I have found it to be an excellent all-round content management system.
After installing WordPress I set up the link structure and installed some useful plugins. And finally I have optimized the default blog template (note to self: rename the default template if you are going to customize it as it gets overwritten when you update WordPress!).

Because I already own a backup related weblog on which I have written quite a lot of posts about backup, writing the content for the blog is not a big problem for me. I have started translating the most popular articles and I already have some ideas about completely new posts such as a comparison of online backup providers and a guide for synchronizing your files across various computers.

To start traffic flowing to my website I have submitted the url to various social bookmarking and user generated content sites such as Digg, Magnolia, Delicious and Yahoo Buzz. I have also created a lens on Squidoo and added the link to the Startpagina portals I maintain.
The problem with most social bookmarking sites and blogs is that they add rel=nofollow to the links you post there, which means that it does not help for the ranking of your website. Forums are a much better place to post links to and I am planning to write some backup guides that I can put on some forums.

It is now the beginning of November 2008 and this website has not yet been indexed by any of the major search engines. The traffic mainly consists of people who are interested in buying this domain name.
My aim is to have 25 daily visitors on the first of Januari 2009. This should then grow to more than 100 daily unique visitors in April 2009.
From the moment the site gets more than 100 uniques per day I shall start putting ads on.

My goals for File in a Box in summary

  • After an initial startup phase with more frequent posts, reach a posting frequency of one good post per week
  • Optimizing for file backup and synchronization
  • 25 uniques on 01-01-09
  • 100 uniques on 01-04-09


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